TiVo Hulu And Streaming To iPad?

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    TiVo Hulu And Streaming To iPad May Be On Its Way


    Lots happening in the world of TiVo, including an app that is currently in beta that brings Hulu Plus catch up to TiVo and also throws out streaming both live and DVR to the iPad.

    [​IMG]So who is interested in streaming their TV shows to iPad? Hell me for one. Hulu Plus is said to be coming to TiVo and an app for streaming to the iPad (and, most likely, the new iPad 2 also), evidenced by reports that quite a few TiVo users receiving surveys from TiVo, complete with questions what the respondents would feel about having access to live TV, DVR recordings, and other similar functionallity on their iPad.

    We hear that the idea is still at a beta stage, with surveys being sent out and field tests. But one thing is clear, TiVo are looking to add a whole heap of streaming options to its DVR system in an effort to compete with the multitude of connected hardware on the market.

    The more that TiVo can deliver, the better TiVo’s sales and market penetration. Of course, TiVo will still have something of a fight on its hands, especially given rivals such as Roku, and Boxee. However but the basic concept does apply that, should all this come to pass, TiVo users should be pretty happy about the results.
    It has been rumored that a selection of Hulu users are recieving invites to join trials of Hulu Plus on their TiVo systems, complete with codes giving them a full month of service.

    If they are handing out a full month of service, it’s likely only a matter of time until they go live with the concept. And a TiVo streaming system to iPad both at home and when your out could be a killer sales feature.

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