Tips: Import Google TV Queue subscriptions with Google Reader

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    One of the great features of Google TV is the “Queue” feature that will act as your audio or video podcast subscription tool. Google offers a way to add to the queue by typing in RSS feeds in the GTV search bar and pressing subscribe, but there’s actually an easier way to sign-up.

    Quite a few people don’t use RSS, but I strongly encourage Google TV users to take a look at Google Reader after the first time they add a feed to their GTV. A folder labeled “Google Queue” will appear containing links to your subscriptions. From here, you can add to feeds from your Listen subscriptions or from new feeds added from the browser.

    Rather than repeatedly type in RSS feeds, why not just copy what you already subscribe to in Google Reader? Keep in mind that your Google TV device must be logged into the same Google account that you plan to use for syncing with Google Reader. Follow these steps to quickly add your feeds.

    1. Go to “Queue” on your GTV menu and click “Sync with your Google account.” Then add any of the many feeds available in the “Explore” section. The next time you visit Google Reader, there should be a new folder labeled “Google Queue.”
    2. To copy your existing feeds stored in Reader, hover over the right side of a folder and press the down arrow that appears. Then press “Create a bundle” to make a copy of the folder’s content, and drag any non-folder items you wish to add (optional). Title the bundle “Copy” or pretty much anything and press “Save.”

    3. A page of bundles should appear. Click on the “Email to your friends” link and email the bundle to yourself. Then log-in to your email, click the “Preview __ in Google Reader” link, and then click the “Subscribe” button. Click the “view it in Reader” link that appears.

    4. When logging back into Reader, you will see the “Copy” folder. Expand it by clicking on the “+” sign on the left. Now you can drag all of the links from “Copy” into the “Google Queue” folder.

    5. The next time you return to the GTV Queue, the list of all your new content should be included. To add more feeds, just continue adding subscriptions as normal and drag them into the Google Queue folder using Reader.

    Note: If the data doesn’t sync after 30 minutes, take the following steps on your Google TV. Applications > Settings > Accounts & sync > Google account and re-check “Sync Queue.” I’ve seen it take a couple of hours to update the new links, so be patient.

    By Andrew Kameka


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