Time Warner Cable CEO: "I'm Not Sure I know What Airplay Is"

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    Time Warner Cable CEO: 'I'm not sure I know what Airplay is' | The Verge (click for full article)

    "Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn A. Britt feels that it's a challenge for the average user to get internet video into the living room, but he's apparently not aware of what the competition is doing to make that easier for consumers.

    In an interview with the New York Times, Britt said that "I'm not sure I know what Airplay is," referring to Apple's technology that lets users send content from their iOS devices and Macs to an HDTV via the AppleTV set-top box.

    Of course, Apple's content ecosystem is somewhat limited - the Apple TV focuses on selling movies and TV from the iTunes Store, but it also features dominant online video players Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo. It can also play any video content that's encoded to play in iTunes on the Mac or PC via Airplay, whether it was purchased from Apple or not.

    Add in the fact that most iOS video apps allow users to send the video feed straight to an Apple TV via Airplay and it seems Britt is missing one of the more consumer-friendly ways to get internet video on a big-screen TV."
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    He probably doesn't know what DLNA is either. He gets all his content for free. I don't see the big deal here.
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    I didn't know what Airplay was until I recently read about it. I only recently started using a DLNA server but have been trying to decide on which DLNA server for years, having done a few free trials.

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