This tiny Android projector puts an 80-inch touchscreen on your wall

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    TouchPico is an Android-powered pico projector that’s about the same size as the Galaxy S4, and it can turn any surface, including a wall, into a touch-friendly 80-inch screen. With 28 days left in its Indiegogo campaign, the TouchPico has already raised more than $96,000 in pledges, topping its $55,000 funding goal.

    The trick component of the TouchPico that turns it into projector with a touchscreen display is the special infrared stylus accessory, whose movements are captured by the projector’s camera and turned into actions on the projected screens.

    In addition to working like a touch-enabled Android desktop, or a large tablet, the TouchPico also lets users project content from other devices on a wall, including Macs and PCs.

    The device runs Android 4.0, and comes with Wi-Fi support, SD card support and HDMI connectivity, and the projector delivers 80 lumens of brightness. A 400-lumen TouchPico Pro is also in the works, but not available to order via the current campaign.

    The cheapest TouchPico costs $329 if purchased via Indiegogo, or $170 off the expected $499 retail price, and the device should ship at some point in October.

    A video showing TouchPico in action follows below.



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