this thing is still PRETTY AMAZING!! I LIKE MY REVUE..

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    i hear so much piss and moan about.. "We will never get the upgrade".. but even with the old clunky SW.. this thing is still pretty amazing.. it has become part of my TV/WEB/DVR experience.. so much so that i can see that i will be stuck with google tv far into the future.. when samsung pushes out its new line of Blu ray.. or what ever form it takes.. for 100 bucks i have a web , video, and tv integration, lean back surfing.. its well.. amazing.. clunky... hell yes.. but im ok with the goofy beta GTV.. but i still dig my REVUE..

    off topic..
    now... i do wish the upgrade would come soon.. because i need something to sate my tech sweet tooth.. im very close to getting one of those new tablets, but if i just hold out a bit.. i can see if they get around the locked boot of the nook tablet... and having GTV 2.0 would give me something to tweak and goof around with till that gets sorted or the new breed of tablets come down the pike..

    but anyway...

    for all its faults the revue is just flat out amazing... what else can you get for 100 bucks that will serve all those functions?

    nope i cant think of anything either..
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