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    Connected TVs are commerce platforms, says Google TV's Donagh O'Malley

    Mon, 3 Oct 2011

    Connected TVs should be regarded as commerce platforms, according to Google TV director of content Donagh O'Malley.


    Speaking at a panel session at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, O'Malley said once connected TVs achieve mass adoption, they should allow consumers the ability to purchase any item of their choosing at the click of a button.

    He said Google will aim to emulate the smartphone business model for connected TVs. "Everyone in the value chain benefited following smartphone mass adoption. We like that business model and we want to replicate it for the connected TV space. This is what we want for Google TV."

    Connected TVs make the TV experience as relevant and personal as the mobile phone and the web, which is why it will soon be mass market, according to O'Malley. "It's time to unleash the power of the web on TV," he said.

    Fellow panelist BlinkBox CEO Michael Comish said the online video and connected TV industry will reach a "tipping point" next year. "Until now, online video has been about early adopters watching on PCs, but it will soon become mass market on connected TVs," he said. "2012 will be the tipping point for the market."

    BlinkBox, which has 2.4m monthly unique users, was acquired by Tesco earlier this year

    According to Comish, marrying the 17m-strong Tesco loyalty customer database with BlinkBox content will open up a range of opportunities for advertisers and consumers.

    "Tesco's acquisition of Blinkbox marked a major push into the digital space," he said. "It has amazing data, which means we can marry a large-scale relationship with consumers with digital expertise."

    Meanwhile Hulu's senior VP International Johannes Larcher said connected TVs will pave the way for more sophisticated ad targeting. "Consumers continue to be forced to watch an overload of ads in regular TV viewing, he said, adding, "The 60+ years of TV ad history have been fraught with a ton of waste."

    With connected TVs there are major opportunities to roll out interactive ad formats, according to Larcher. "Advertisers had to use the TV show as the proxy for the audience they want to reach, but now ad formats are changing and innovating to draw in the consumer to engage more with the ad content," he said.


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