This awesome interactive map details the undersea cables that wire the entire Interne

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    If you’re reading this post right now, odds are good that you’re one of millions upon millions of people who access the Internet each day from around the world. We constantly see data that has been delivered to our PCs and mobile devices over the Internet, but rarely do we stop to think about the complex network that feeds that data to our devices. There are numerous integral components in this massive network, but one of the more interesting elements is the web of cables laid beneath the Earth’s oceans that connect networks on each continent.

    The map on TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map site provides a very cool interactive look at this huge global network of undersea cables, and CNN has more maps on its site as part of a recent post. For those interested in how these intercontinental underwater cables are laid, the video embedded below does a good job of explaining it.



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