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    I have 2 Sony Blu-ray Google TV's and both are hooked up to Time Warner whole home dvr stb. I can get my music from the computer which is on iTunes using Ethernet to modem through the apartment. It is a WI-fi modem but I like things hard wired with cat 5. The music again plays fine just a lot of the art work is missing which is not the case when using iTunes on the computer. The major issue is my video playback on plex keeps coming up with a error message were sorry but there was a problem attempting to play Hugo ( example ). Then there was a problem with media playback. I have tried this over and over on both GTV and the same for any movie title. If I use plex on the computer the movie comes up right away. These are movies that I have a digital copy through I Tunes which I have over a 100 or so. I payed to get plex because it sounded like it would play these videos. Please help and my Internet speed is 18mbps up and I believe 2 Mbps down. Please give direction in basic terms, this was most of my computer knowledge. Thank you all. Oh yeah when I use GTV plex I can find music under iTunes but the movies I only see in the my library movies file and it pulls up more movies than I have. Is there a easier way to find what I have on digital files only.Is there another system that will allow digital copy in itunes to play through the GTV. For the time being I moved the apple TV in the bedroom so I can watch those movies, but I only have 1 apple TV and I would prefer to play my movies on the GTV.

    Also why doesn't anyone point out better features like VUDU, CinemaNow, Max Go ( seeing we have HBO Go ), why not Google movies, weather channel like the accu weather app that downloaded and worked great for about a month and the last update mad it incompatible, how bought just apps that make sense, I had a roku before the apple TV and GTV, but the roku had a bunch of junk channels which seemed to be a waste of space no real good stuff. Apple TV stinks because you cant get apps. Sony's media player stunk really bad. Sony even released a 2nd media box and it really wasn't any different except size. Why doesn't Sony or Google TV update the apps through spotlight or Sony apps. All of Sony things are old and outdated and don't even function well. Take flixster for an example. You have to download the real app to watch your movies that you have in the cloud. Also why is Google Play so outdated, the UI is difficult, say your going down the media section and you find a app you would like to see and its in the middle of the apps, when your done and you want to go back to the previous spot it takes you back to the beginning of that category instead of letting you continue. I am not a big fan to pay to watch TV shows, but this Hulu plus issue is ridiculous. Roku, Apple TV, Sony Media Player all have it why are we any different. Its standard on everything but GTV. And finally we need aftermarket remotes that will let you see the controller in the dark and work with GTV. I love GTV, but feel that Sony or even Logitech are just letting go even with new LG, Visio & Samsung joining in. Look at what Samsung already has on there TV's. My Sony TV's are only 3 years old and are the XBR models, but this was before The likes of internet in TV. I wasn't going to dump any of my newer TV's for a newer model with internet and that's why I purchased GTV.

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