The Prospect of HTML5

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    The Prospect of HTML5

    Sunday, 10 July 2011

    HTML5 has become the most popular item in the web field due to the fact that all web applications are based on HTML (Hypertext Mark Language). Despite the diversity of Background-Technology, the Foreground still focuses on Browser and HTML, because only HTML can be rendered into readable content for users. What revolutions could the newborn HTML5, which is promoted enthusiastically by Browser companies, bring about?
    Compared to the prevalent technology Ajax, which emerged a few years ago, some technicians have begun using HTML5, but are not completely familiar with it. Recently, Apple began to move towards HTML5. Also, a well-known web designer, Eric Meyer, announced some news about the extension of HTML5, and showed some application areas of HTML5 in the future.
    If a device contains a browser or some other modern render-engine, it can run HTML5 programs.
    HTML5 programs may be used in these situations:

    If your computer has a browser which uses web standard, then you can enjoy HTML5 applications. The desktop application is still significant nowadays.

    Designated Site Browser:
    Designated site browsers (such as Gmail) could be recognized as an application which uses designated browsers without website addresses. They are used to run special programs on some websites and could even make an install-package to be distributed to users.

    Mobile Field:
    This is the most popular place for HTML5. iPhone can integrate with many other programs and present your program on the Today-Desktop. Android also supports HTML5 API, but the integration is not perfect. In the upcoming years, mobile browsers which support HTML5 may emerge rapidly, so taking your applications into HTML5 is a very wise action!

    Inter-filed area:
    Some web companies are planning to publish TV platform, such as Google TV and Apple TV. Google announced that their TV platform will support HTML5. We do not know yet which technologies will be supported by Apple TV, but the phenomenon shows that Apple is taking HTML5 very seriously, and implementing it into Apple TV is very possible. Some other producer of TV (Boxee, etc.), have started their journey in HTML5. If you are interested in developing applications for Boxee and other producers, you should choose HTML5 directly. The number of TV platforms, especially those that can connect to computers, is increasing very rapidly. One can watch YouTube on TV, the Opera Browser is embedded into the Wii and much more. These kinds of user experiences should eventually combine with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

    HTML5 has a very potential market in the future. It needs a huge number of talented developers in this new technology and it should be the first choice for most developers!

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    I wonder how much flash will be supported with Adobe dropping flash for tablets and phones for the HTML 5 standard? I wonder how that will affect the googleTV platform?

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