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    Today on Google you will find a special logo for Harry Houdini’s 137th Birthday.
    Houdini is a legendary magician, actor and escape artist. He was born today in 1874 in Budapest and made his claim to fame in the United States living to the age of 52, dying in Detroit, Michigan on October 31, 1926.

    The logo helps honor Houdini’s contributions to the world by remembering him for what he is most well-known for – his escape acts. Those include, Mirror handcuff challenge, Milk Can Escape, Chinese Water Torture Cell, Suspended straitjacket escape, Overboard box escape, Buried Alive stunt and many more.

    But not many people know Harry Houdini’s real name, it was Erik Weisz.

    To learn more about his life, see Wikipedia.

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