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    Has anyone seen this?

    We’re happy to announce that we have 3 winners, one for each Google TV device, who will be receiving the Honeycomb version of Google TV one week before we send it to all Google TV devices. Congratulations to Benji Hertel, Alecia Householder, and Jan Jorgensen on their quick wit in solving the puzzle! The winners will receive early access to Android 3.1 Honeycomb on Google TV.

    We saw a lot of interesting methods being used in an attempt to solve the puzzle and were impressed by the creativity displayed (e.g. yfrog Fullsize - http://yfrog.com/h2s0sjhj). Our puzzle masters Rich Bragg and Erica Baker even planted a number of signposts with a few subtle hints along the way (bgyrygbrg, ygbgbrryg, ovtotrntv).

    Ultimately, they designed the puzzle to be slightly easier to solve if you happen to own a Google TV device. Here’s how it worked:

    Justin Koh, a Google TV engineer, hid an Easter Egg in the Google TV home screen. If you’ve ever clicked the white Google TV logo at the top left of the Home screen, you may have noticed that the little boxes change colors. What you may not have realized (unless you already solved the puzzle) is that the boxes flash in a specific timing pattern: Morse code!

    The flashing boxes spell out two messages that Google TV fans may recognize:

    From: The Official Google TV Blog

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