The Future Of YouTube: More Channnels In More Places

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    The Future of YouTube: More Channels in More Places | TIME.com (click for full article)

    by Harry McCracken - March 18, 2013

    "When YouTube first hit the web back in 2005, it attracted attention simply by making Internet video-watching simple rather than a glitchy hassle - and the fact that large numbers of real people used it to share their mini-movies with the world was a novelty in itself.

    That was a long, long time ago. Today, with four billion hours of viewership a month, YouTube is more popular than ever. But it's also part of an Internet that's radically different than it was when YouTube was young.

    Today, when YouTube videos become monstrous hits - such as the multiple versions of the Harlem Shake, which have scored tens of millions of views apiece in just weeks - it's because people have shared them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks that were either new or nonexistent in 2005. Video created for YouTube is increasingly slick and professional, which makes it more directly competitive with conventional television programming. And while plenty of folks still use the service in its traditional, browser-based form, they're also watching video on phones, tablets, HDTVs and just about every gizmo with a screen.

    I recently sat down with YouTube Director of Product Management Shiva Rajaraman to talk about how YouTube is evolving to reflect where Internet video is in 2013, and where it's going. Executive summary: The company's vision involves it being irresistibly easy to find and watch YouTube video, on every video-capable gadget you've got."

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