The Future Of TV (Maybe)

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    The future of TV (maybe) - Fortune Tech (click for full article)

    "FORTUNE -- Since the advent of the Internet, web TV has perpetually lingered over the horizon. Years after major cable companies unveiled "TV everywhere" initiatives and giants Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), and Microsoft (MSFT) began peddling hardware to beam the Internet to televisions, the merging of the Net and the tube is incomplete. Consumers face a mess of discordant devices and services, not to mention spotty availability, as cable providers, networks, and tech companies squabble over turf. Now a new crop of services may finally make good on the promise of ubiquitous TV.

    The latest entrant is NimbleTV, which lets viewers watch and record anything, anytime via its website. With backing from the Tribune Co., among others, the New York City-based service streams the package of TV channels a customer buys from a cable provider online. Instead of paying the world's Comcasts, customers pay NimbleTV. How much exactly hasn't been determined, though the fee will be slightly more than a typical cable bill. The startup acts as a broker, managing a subscriber's relationship with providers, passing on most of the fee to providers and keeping a small percentage."

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