The Big Challenge For Apps Making The Leap To TV: Turning "Me" Into "We"

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    The Challenge for Apps on TV: Turning "Me" into "We" - The Next Web (click for full article)

    "There's a big difference between a smartphone and a TV. As developers increasingly look to the opportunities of TV, they will have to shift their focus from thinking about a personal experience to a communal one - and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

    The transition to a more 'app-centric' approach to TV seems inevitable - Google is courting TV-focused developers, Apple is said to be launching a TV SDK at WWDC next week, Opera and Samsung have TV app stores, and there are bound to be many more opportunities to get apps onto our TVs in the future. While startups well versed in desktop, mobile or Web app development may be tempted to make that leap to the largest screen in the house, developing for TV presents unique challenges that will require some serious thought."

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