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    By Pamela McCracken // Global Public Relations Manager on December 15, 2010

    Mike is a tough customer who has seen a lot of consumer electronics comes and go. He was also a non-technical beta tester for Revue.

    "I got Revue and it was easy to hook up and then I looked at it and said, 'OK, what now?' To be honest, I knew it could do everything, but I wasn't sure what that wow was. I did Web surfing and sports and on-demand movies, but I wasn't in love with it until the first update" said Mike.

    For some, search of cable/satellite content was the wow. For others, it was the seamless TV and Web together. For Mike, it was the possibilities.

    "I woke up one Saturday and all of the sudden, there were new features. I'm used to that on software upgrades, but not my TV. I knew logically it would happen, but it still surprised me. And that's when the light bulb went off. That horrible feeling when you have that outdated TV/VCR combo sitting in the basement-that's over."

    No one was more excited for the over-the-air update to Revue this week than Mike.

    "The Dual View - much better. I don't know if they planned to do that all along or if they took customer feedback, but now I'll be able to watch Notre Dame trounce Miami with the coverage from ESPN.com going on in a smaller window. And NetFlix? All the sudden I can search Watch It Now, add to my queue and get recommendations."

    Mike likes the improvements, but it's the whole idea of a Smart TV experience that's ready for what's next that Mike loves.

    "I got a new flat panel HDTV in 2009. It's still a great TV, but those little Internet widgets that were built in? Some of them are already outdated. I just plugged in Revue and there it is, my TV has the most recent everything. And it will stay up-to-date. And when I get a new TV, I'm going to unplug Revue from this TV and plug it into the new one. This makes up for my HD DVD player."

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