Tablet TV And E-Readers Take Over

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    Tablet TV And E-Readers Take Over

    By Marie Jones | Monday | 2011-05-23

    A new survey from Nielson shows how mobile connected devices are transforming our habits with a growing army of consumers now opting to browse tablets while watching TV, and take their eBooks to bed.

    Nielsen surveyed around 12,000 connected device owners and quizzed them about their tablet and e-reader habits.

    The results show how tactile both the tablet and e-reader have become, with 70 percent of tablet owners using their devices while watching TV and 61 percent of users saying they take their e-readers to bed.

    Tablet TV is also becoming more popular with Google TV aiming to run on Android in the near future, and several US TV networks already supplying apps and websites that run on tablets.

    Many consumers already use their tablets as a control device for all kinds of household electronic items in the home, not least as a TV remote.

    Tablet owners say they spend 30 percent of time watching TV with their tablets, while e-reader owners said they only spent 15 percent of time watcing TV with their devices.

    However, e-reader owners said they spent 37 percent of their device usage time in bed, which clearly shows that the book at bedtime is fast being replaced by the e-book at bedtime.


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