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    T95Z Plus Android TV Box Review

    Choosing an Android TV box is not an easy task since there are so many of them online. Today I will review a very popular device called Weily T95Z Plus. It was hot for some time, and I am here to test it out and see if it is really worth buying.


    The Weily T95Z Android TV box is pretty powerful.

    System Configurations
    •CPU: Amlogic S912 Octa-core cortex-A53
    •Flash: 16GB EMMC
    •SDRAM: 2GB DDR3
    •OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    •WIFI: 2.4G +5G+Bluetooth

    It features the Amlogic S912 CPU and the Mali-T820MP3 GPU. Thanks to them, the device can smoothly play videos, apps and more. Because there are 2GB of RAM, you will be able to run apps while multitasking (more than one app that works at once). If you need an Android TV box mainly for streaming and watching movies, I recommend also checking out the (Aliexpress link) TV box. It is super popular now, and in my opinion – deals with high-resolution videos better. Do keep in mind that in order to play more than Full HD resolution videos (like 4K for example) – you will need a suitable TV (most TVs out there only support Full HD).


    T95Z PLUS

    Another great Android TV box worth checking out is T95K. I personally really like this model and the company that manufactures it. In my opinion, Weily T95Z Plus is as good as the Ti6 model (some will say it is even better). Choose the one that fits your needs better. Both models receive really good rating online, so you won’t be disappointed – that’s for sure.

    Operating System

    The Weily T95Z PLUS Android TV box runs the Android 6.0 operating system. Many TV boxes run old versions of Android, and that’s a huge disadvantage. Android 6.0 is a fairly new version. It runs smoothly and offers many new options and features. It is also more secure and easier to use. There are tens of thousands of great and free Android apps that you can install on this device.

    Ease Of Use

    Android TV boxes are very easy to use. If you already have an Android powered phone (like Samsung Galaxy for example) – then using this TV box will be really easy. Downloading and installing new apps is easy. Using them is really simple as well. Now regarding the setup of this device – it is easy as well. Nothing complex here. Connect it to the power, and to your TV, sign in to your Google account (or create one) and that’s it.


    Choosing an Android TV box by design is not a good idea. But in this case, you get both : great hardware, and good design. The Weily T95Z Plus Android TV box looks really cool and nice. In the past, I came across many TV boxes that were ugly, so placing them in a visible area was not an option. Weily T95Z Plus on the other hand is really well designed. Very cool look!


    Weily T95Z PLUS
    View On Amazon


    It is important to mention that you can also use this device as a “gaming console”. Just download any Android game you want (and there are many of them. My favorite one is GTA:SA. The graphics and gameplay are amazing and super fun), and start playing. For a better gaming experience, I also highly recommend buying a wireless gaming controller and connecting it to Weily T95Z Plus. Just make sure it is compatible). Many Android games are completely free, but even those that cost money – are super cheap. New Android games are released every day. This device can run even 3D games (but not on the highest settings of course).

    •1 X T95Z TV BOX
    •1 X Remote Control
    •1 X Power Charger
    •1 X HDMI Cable
    •1 X User Manual



    Weily T95Z Plus is a great device, defiantly worth buying in my opinion. The hardware is powerful, everything works smoothly and above all – this product is not overpriced. I am sure that in the future this Android TV box will be even more popular.

    Here is video review from Peter Carcione:

    I hope that you will find my Weily T95Z review helpful. If you have any questions about this device – feel free to comment below. Also, Give me a thumb up in the comment. I will write more review about other android tv box. Just stay tune.
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