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    Is there a site where info about updates is found? I got an update today on My Sony Google TV. The last time there was an update I struggled for a long time to find some info on it and I seem to recall finding another forum where there was a list of the improvements made. I now can't seem to find that forum that I used, but I did find some info from a forum on AndroidCentral that indicated it was an update to Adobe. I know that when the update is offered there is a choice given to update now or later and a third button for more info. I have been reticent to choose the more info button because I don't know if I can then go back and choose update now. I'm also not sure if the additional info will be what is included in the update or merely info on the update process. The best solution would be if there was an archived list of updates within settings on the device itself where the information on what was updated would be included.

    Update: I finally recalled the web page that I used in the past for update info. This sony site will provide the info for Sony Google TVs: Sony eSupport - Electronics By clicking on Drivers and Software and entering your model of TV you can find out what was updated.
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