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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by tinman319, May 14, 2012.

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    Catfish (other Google TV fans feel free to chime in!),
    Thank you for all of the work that you have put into creating 20 or so GoogleTV Webmixes on Symbaloo. That's approximately 1,000 links to Google TV Compatible Video Feeds from the web! Incredible.

    I've tried to read through the Symbaloo instructions to see if it is possible to take your existing webmixes and "remix" them easily by theme, in otherwords create some that are pages with movie links only, some with classic tv, nature, kids, tech. or other themes but seem to be stumped. Is there an easy way to do this or does the process require capturing links one at a time from your mixes and possibly others, organize them off-line, and then create new themed webmixes on Symbaloo. If it's possible to not re-invent the wheel, or rebuild the wheel, I'd sure rather cut and paste (and acknowledge) all of the work that you have already put into the project into a slightly less random (not a criticism) new set of mixes.

    Again thanks for all of the time that you have devoted to gathering this information!
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    Hi! I think that you would need to capture the links one at a time and re-organize them offline into your own webmixes.

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