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Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by laduplafatista, May 21, 2012.

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    Hello there!

    Before meeting this forum, I asked for help in Logitech forum but no one got me back... So now, I'm bothering here, haha... Does anyone can give me a hand with this one?
    I've just bought my Logitech Revue but I found a problem that I cannot solve, apparently. My TV is LG 32LH20R, my TV source is the Cogeco DC550D and my AV Receiver is the Sony HT SS-370.

    Connection is:

    I know that the Revue does not support DTS but I was willing to accept that as long as the Pro Logic audio system was enabled in the AV Receiver. Despite that, unless I do every single time the same process (Turn on/off AVR, STB and then TV from the Revue keyboard) the AV Receiver doesn't recognise the Pro Logic code from the Revue.Today my AV Receiver entered in Standby mode and turned it off automatically (I've already disabled that function) and, since that happened, I can't make it work again. Other times (for example, turning off the TV at first) the same happened but I could solve it by rebooting all the devices a few times... Which is absurd and, also, a risk.

    I've already read all the tips on the related posts but I couldn't find the solution: the optical didn't do the job and I couldn't accomplish this one (From menu settings set “AUDIO FOR HDMI” to “AMP” (not to “TV+AMP”") on my Sony HT SS-370.

    I'm trying to know how I should handle the Revue and the Sony so I can hear the sound fine.I'd love if you could help me with some assistance with this, because it's useless to have a device that randomly works OK.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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    Btw, the SS-370 supports “System Audio Control” which is different from most of Sony AVRs. (with “AMP” or “TV+AMP”" settings) – the “System Audio Control” is confusing for most users and its function based on TV “On” first before AVR “On” (for 2 channels PCM /multi channels/bitstream) & it may conflict with “AUTO STBY” & Revue’s IR On/Off commands (also LG TV may not Sync w/ Bravia accordingly).

    First, since you’re using Revue’s keyboard to turn on/off AVR, STB &TV:

    • Disable “Control for HDMI” on the TV and the AVR (& the STB if the box support it).
      From the menu settings on the AVR set “Control for HDMI” to “OFF” ( that should also disable “System Audio Control”).
    • Disable “ARC” on the AVR:
      From the menu settings on the AVR set “ARC” to “OFF”.
    • Disable “AUTO STBY” on the AVR:
      From the menu settings on the AVR set “STBY” to “OFF”.
    • On the TV & STB check their manuals (for how to disable HDMI-CEC).

    Note, the above changes in AVR will only take effect after disconnecting/reconnecting power from all HDMI connected devices,
    make sure to perform these steps (Notes, …).

    Now, There’re number of options you can try for “Pro Logic” (or “Movie” mode):

    A - Try it (with current connections) after making the above changes.

    B - Connect an additional Optical cable directly from the STB to the AVR :

    • STB > HDMI > Revue > HDMI > AVR (SAT/CATV IN) > HDMI > TV ----- (for video signal)
    • STB > Optical > AVR (OPT IN SAT/CATV) -------- (for audio signal)

      • On the AVR set sound field to “A.F.D” > “Pro Logic”
      • On the AVR set sound field to “Movie”.

    Good luck
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