'Subscribe' Is The New 'Like': How YouTube Is Becoming More Like Facebook

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    Subscribe Is The New Like: How YouTube is Becoming More Like Facebook (click for full article)

    by Brendan Gahan - July 24, 2013

    "Brands have invested heavily in growing their Facebook and Twitter communities. They've embraced the concept of "always-on" marketing - the idea of capitalizing on trends and creating branded content in real time, reacting to events like a newsroom. However, the majority of brands are still viewing YouTube as a content platform more than a social network. Many don't quite get the fact the world's largest video sharing site is ripe for the same kinds of community growth and real time content creation they've used to grow their footprints and fan bases on other social media platforms.

    As the cost of video production continues to fall and brands invest more dollars and more time into social media, YouTube is uniquely positioned to be the next frontier in community and "always-on" marketing. Perhaps, in an effort to capitalize on or accelerate this shift in cash and attention, YouTube has adopted a number of tried-and-true social media features made popular by the world's largest social network.

    Here are five examples of how YouTube has updated its platform to adapt to the market and become much more like Facebook:"
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