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Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by amarillosliock, Aug 31, 2013.

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    New to GTV today and I am trying to watch some of my YouTube channels from the YouTube app that I watch all the time on a computer. On GTV though, I can not choose which videos from a certain channel I want to watch. For example, one of the channels I like has over 600 different videos but I am forced to watch them form the start (if I want to see video #453 I must watch 452 videos first!) Am I missing something? Thanks for reading my stupid question. Rodney
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    Hi. I'm using the original version of the GTV YouTube app (version 1.1) because I find it to work better and be more stable than the current version (1.7.1).

    In reading the reviews of the recent version of the GTV YouTube app from the Google Play Store - it appears others are also not thrilled with the current version:


    This is how I navigate to videos on channels & playlists with version 1.1 of the GTV YouTube app:

    1) press down arrow on D-pad (this brings up the control bar on the screen)

    2) press down arrow on D-pad again (this brings up the "details" section)

    3) press down arrow on D-pad a third time (this pulls up a tray of the videos on the bottom). Then I can navigate with the right & left arrows on D-pad to highlight the video that I want to play. After the video is highlighted I press the 'ok' button to play.

    I hope this helps you....


    Two other ways that you can also handle this problem came to mind. Not really ideal - but a workaround:

    1) View the videos from YouTube web site with Chrome browser. Then when you go to the YouTube app click for "History" and you can choose which videos you want to watch from "History". Also with Chrome browser you can add videos to your "favorites" - and then view your favorites from the YouTube app.

    2) If you know the title of a video you want to watch - just type the title into the search from the GTV YouTube app - and that will pull up the video. From within the app - just start typing and it automatically pulls up the search feature.
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