Study: Android Phones Break More Often Than iPhones

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    Study: Android Phones Break More Often Than iPhones
    | November 3, 2011 |

    What has long been claimed by iPhone users can now be conclusively proven. A recent study has shown that Android phones are much more prone to breaking than iPhones and even Blackberries, reports Reuters, and the repair costs to telecom operators could increase by up to 2 billion dollars.[​IMG]
    Phones like the new Huawei Blaze (pictured) are less than half the price of an iPhone, however this comes at a cost with regards to durability. The difference is that while companies like RIM and Apple have strict control over the quality of their components, the Android platform runs on phones from many different manufacturers, granting Google much less control.It is arguably much more economical in the long run to buy one iPhone than to purchase several Android phones, even though the latter is what many people end up doing. AndroidÂ’s share in the market has risen to 57% in the third quarter, more than double what it was last year.



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