Streaming PC to GoogleTV (Playback Synced)

Discussion in 'Sony Internet TV' started by Winkle, Mar 15, 2012.

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    You could say im too cheap to buy a wireless headphone.. but..
    Sorta like that commercial for video playback from room to room by some Digital Company Provider,
    I want to play a movie from my PC and have it synced with my googletv so I can plug in my headphones for quiet listening!!

    Ive tried to sync up video to video but for some reason lag or video error occurs when I try this.. the only way is to use the USB and PC so theres no connectivity errors (plus I dont want to always get up n switch USB).

    I just ordered some nice comfortable earplugs and really dont want to use huge headphone squeezing my head.. So if someone knows GoogleTV reps or has another solution..

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