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Discussion in 'Sony's NSZ-GS8 / NSZ-GS7' started by colorsofwind, Feb 4, 2014.

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    When i try to stream 1080p mkv videos using VimU player or Avia player, how many ever times i try they always get stuck at the same place/frame (for example, 10 mins into the streaming). They get stuck for 10 or 15 secs and then it resumes normally. Here is my setup

    1) Sony NSZ-GS7 connected to 2.4GHZ wifi router
    2) WD 2TB My book live is connected to the same wireless router (Asus RT-AC68R)
    3) Google TV is configured to see the HDD as SMB share as well as DLNA
    4) Using my laptop if i try to ftp a file to HDD, i can download/upload speeds of 40MBps so I am guessing issue is not with HDD

    Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue are greatly appreciated.

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