Sony's Google TV Coming To 80 Countries?

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    Sony (click for full article)

    by Bogdan Petrovan on Sep 03, 2012

    "It looks that Google TV is about to become available in many new locales, if a press release from Euronews is accurate.

    Here's the story: the pan-European news channel has apparently announced a partnership with Google TV, which would make its programming available on the smart TV platform. Nothing special in itself, but the press release quoted by AndroidOS.in talks about a worldwide launch of the Google TV, or, more precisely, of "two new Sony boxes specially designed for the smart TV platform of the internet giant".

    Moreover, this global launch would happen in no fewer than 80 countries, which would be a staggering progress over the few markets where the platform is currently on sale, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and soon Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

    Now, an 80 countries rollout would be nothing short of amazing for Sony and Google, even if it takes months to complete. In fact, it sounds to me a little too good to be true. I am wondering if this is nothing more than a typo or a big misunderstanding.

    Selling media-centric devices like the Google TV poses unique challenges, related to securing the necessary partnerships with media companies. Could Google or Sony score such a sweeping victory? It's not impossible, but it's no easy task either.

    Take this piece of news (ok, speculation) well salted until we get some sort of confirmation from Sony, Google, or one of its partners."
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