Sony TV Internet Possibilities --- with Google Partnering

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by MikeND, Nov 30, 2010.

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    From my perspective, it seems that the ability to have a remote control menu come up from & for a Sony 60" or larger LED TV with a computer on the local network ---- would be worthwhile. For example while at a larger Hotel Common Lobby - Self Service Continental Breakfast area I was recently at --- it would have been useful for a clerk - receptionist to not have to go into the area away from her computer to change the channel upon request from a customer. For that matter, it would be nice for her to have the ability to change the channel, video or whatever based on her knowledge of the large array of options within the time sensitive TV Internet's schedule --- again being more efficient from the computer & its application than to go up to the TV itself etc with the original or universal remote.

    There are other examples of public areas that could utilize that ability. Another example would be --- let's say a large waiting room or even a large laundromat setting with a single large screen mounted with audio levels addressed with strategically located speakers via corresponding adjustable volume controls to allow some people to choose not be annoyed or distracted by the sound.

    Another example, I know of places that have an already set up less & less used "pay to use internet kiosk" that could now be resurrected to be used to allow a person to pay to change the channel, video loop or live feed to their liking. This could be a very nominal amount charged but would help pay for the expense & maintenance of the larger than usual TV-Internet experience. In other words a little more sustainable model than for the expense to be totally subsidized by other parts of their facility or by even more busy & potentially cluttering advertising. Free is usually not totally free.

    Does anyone else agree that this could be worthwhile & very practical in the long term? If so, for you who are experienced with the programming challenges involved --- how tough would it be? Would it have to be limited just to future models or would a 2010 model such as the KDL-60EX70s also be a possibility. From the people I have talked to ---they see value in what I describe --- which means that it could be great public relations for both Sony & Google!


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