Sony Puts Another Nail In 3D's Coffin

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    Sony Puts Another Nail In 3D's Coffin


    Washington, D.C. (September 29, 2011) -- Sony's decision to stop paying for 3D glasses in movie theaters could be the beginning of the end of the entertainment industry's 3D experiment.

    The company announced yesterday that it would no longer pay for glasses to be distributed to 3D theatergoers effective May 1, 2012. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the theater owners called the decision "insensitive" to consumers, considering the nation's economic struggles.

    The theater owners' reaction suggests that they expect consumers to pick up the cost of 3D glasses for Sony movies, either bringing them to the theater or paying to rent them at the theater.

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    However, with attendance at 3D movies shrinking, it seems unlikely that consumers would pay even more to watch a 3D movie which is already priced a few dollars higher than the 2D version.

    "Sony would be well advised to revisit its decision," the National Association of Theater Owners said in a statement released today.

    But like other studios, Sony is feeling the financial strain of producing films in 3D without getting a corresponding return in box office receipts. The company has two major 3D productions set for the summer of 2012 -- Men in Black III and The Amazing Spider-Man. But if theatergoers are forced to buy the 3D glasses, most will likely opt for the 2D edition.

    The theater owners can do the math as well and one large chain, Regal Entertainment, yesterday said it was likely that Sony's decision would result in "fewer screens exhibiting 3D films."

    The Hollywood Reporter writes that Sony and other studios are hoping theater owners sell the 3D glasses to consumers.

    If Sony decision is followed by the other studios, which is likely, it seems equally likely that fewer 3D screens will be used in 2012. And if that happens, 3D box office revenues will shrink even further, which would then cause the studios to further question the wisdom of producing 3D films.

    And if that happens, 3D content for 3D TVs will shrink as well, which would hurt the 3D TV industry which is already struggling to get on its feet.

    So, if Sony holds firm with its decision to not pay for 3D glasses next year, it could trigger a series of actions that might make 2012 the last year for Hollywood's 3D experiment.

    The 3D industry is already wobbling, but this could knock it out for good.

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    Well, its a good thing I brought home all those Real3D glasses from the times. I just hope they don't change the technology and force me to buy a new pair.
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    most people steal them, i guess..........................

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