sony nsz-gt1 makes TV to blink

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    I have Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray googletv box connected to Samsung LED TV (HDMI) via Verizon fios DVR. The NSZ-GT1 is running with the latest updates. Recently I have noticed that when I turn on NSZ-GT1 and Samsung TV, the TV starts blinking (I see the assigned channel picture & hear audio for split second and than it disappear and shows blank screen). It continues to repeat this cycle of behavior till I disconnect the power cable from NSZ-GT1 (from back of the unit) for few second and reconnect and reboot. Then onward the GTV box behaves properly.

    To identify where the signal drop is.
    1. I disconnected NSZ-GT1.
    2. Run TV with verizon fios DVR/cable box and the TV does not blink. That tells me its not fios signal and nor the TV HDMI port.
    3. NSZ-GT1 wifi is set with its designated ip address.

    At this point I do not know what is causing the blinking? could it be recent GTV updates? Before everything was working fine.

    Any help or suggestion would be great.

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