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    Sony Talks 3D, Google TV, and How Delicious the Youth Market is

    February 28, 2011


    Last week we got a sneak peak via a live webcast of the inner workings (albeit the view was of men in suits and a brown conference table) of Sony HQ in San Diego. On hand was Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux, Chris Fawcett, VP TV Business, Mike Abary, SVP Home Division, and Brian Siegel, VP of Home Audio.

    The Sony execs lightly touched upon the inner workings, 3D tech, future ambitions, as well as Sony’s future plans for Internet TV and possibly toe-dipping into tablet territory. Sony knows that in order to stay relevant they must keep up with trendsetting brands like Samsung, Philips, and even Panasonic. So it was nice to hear about their plans for having “40 percent” of their marketing monies go to improving their presences at big box retailers. We can also expect to see more colors from Sony – from headphones, to keyboards, to laptops. Sony wants to attract the youth demographic that spends money (or their parents money).
    “We’re really focused on the youth market and the opportunity that presents to us in the future,” Molyneux said. “The youth today will become the mainstream market of the future.”

    I have always been a fan of the Sony Signature collection since it’s bursting with color and high-end details. The same goes with some of their newest laptop releases that are not apart of the Signature line-up. The just launched Vaio Sony C Series looks like it escaped from a Starburst commercial and we like it!

    Some other highlights included Sony’s ambition to make a “3D World.” But Molyneux is also very aware that 3D is still taking time to catch on – stating that over the last 100 years it has been started and stopped repeatedly. However Sony is hoping to make this technology so attainable that it will finally stick around for good and not just be a gimmick that rises from the ashes once and awhile due to a hit film. Only time will tell if Sony can succeed in this area, but they are taking steps to work with the rest of the Sony Subsidiaries to make this become a reality. That includes 3D in cameras, producing actual 3D movies, 3D games, and Blu-ray players that play back 3D movies.


    Besides boasting about their plans of 3D domination… Sony wanted to really show us their love for Google TV. They made a point to say, that even though their Google TVs may not do as much as the Sony Bravia connected TV’s, Google TV will wow… and even more so, eventually impress users as soon as the applications are available for it. Either way, Sony says that they will continue to stand behind Google TV – no matter what.

    So what’s next for Sony, besides for taking the lead in creating a 3D world, making our gadgets more colorful, and taking our hand as we watch TV? Well, being the leader in consumer electronics of course in 2013! That is certainly a grand gesture from Sony! And quite honestly I’m excited to see if they can achieve this. I have been a Sony devotee for many years – going as far back as the Walkman to every TV that came in and out of my home as a kid (my parents swore by them). It’s good to see Sony is going back to basics and putting their strengths in what they know best… But let’s see how they do in 2013… anybody taking bets?


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