Sony Internet TV Player Vs. Logitech Revue

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    We take a look head to had between the first two Google TV set-top boxes out in the market.

    This is the Sony Internet TV Vs. Logitech Revue


    Both present great hardware out of the gate. The core internals are basically the same with them both running off a Intel Atom processor but where it changes is the Blu-Ray player that the Sony includes which makes it much bigger but a good idea for those that are looking for a multi purpose device. The Sony also comes with a front USB port and and 3 more in the back while the Logitech has no front USB and only two USB in the back. I think as far as the box is concerned the Sony does beat out the Logitech in that department but that should be expect with Sony’s history of hardware manufacturing.

    The remote controls are where they both contrast heavily. The Sony has a much smaller remote that fits in your hand similar to a game controller with a full QWERTY keyboard that can be a bit weird to type on and a much small touchpad to control the on screen mouse. The Logitech comes with a traditional size QWERTY keyboard with a thin profile and large touchpad for easy mouse navigation. This keyboard is much easier to use than the Sony keyboard and with Logitech being a PC accessory company I would expect them to be better in this area and they were.


    Both have Google TV and both give you a solid UI experience with the Sony being more of a stock experience and the Logitech adding a bit of color, a more enhanced media player and Logitech HD Video for HD video calling. Logitech put a bit more effort in certain areas to make it a bit more UI friendly in some areas of Google TV. The advantage of having HD video calling available puts Logitech a bit ahead of Sony in this area but at the same time we do not have an android market open just yet for Google TV so we could see an HD video calling app on the Sony as well in the future but we will wait to see on that.


    Both provide a great Google TV experience with solid hardware. If you are looking for an Blu-Ray player to watch movies or to get rid of your current Blu-Ray player the Sony is the one you want. If you are not in need for a Blu-Ray player save your money and grab the Logitech Revue.

    Sony Internet TV Player


    Logitech Revue


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