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    Had a tough time earlier this week getting the "Full Experience" to work with my Sony and Dish and finally got it set up. Didn't see this info on Dish or Sony site earlier this week so thought I would post it here.
    I was told by Sony support that the only Dish DVR's that will work with the Full Experience (Sony remote and DVR search) are the 622, 722, and the 722k. I had the 612 and the TV wouldn't recognize it at all, fortunately Dish was very helpful and swapped it out for me since I had just ordered my service.
    Dish will also need to activate the service at $4 a month and this is done through the set up when you add the DVR as a device. Didn't see that info anywhere as well for the Sony. Has anyone with the 922 got the Full Experience to work?

    I do love the remote, I find it very easy to use and it controls everything: TV, Blu-Ray, Dish DVR, and even my Playstation. The Netflix app only has movies I have added to my queue and I don't see any way to search within the app.

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    Are you sure the reps at Dish Network are giving you accurate information? According to the following thread Dish dropped the enhanced integration with Google TV in 2013:

    I just received confirmation from Dish Network that they are no longer…

    The "enhanced integration" was the $4/mo deal.

    Just to clarify - the way that it worked before was you would need the Dish Network ViP-722 connected directly to the Sony Google TV with HDMI to watch it over Google TV. It won't stream the video over the network. However, you could control it over the network because Google TV knew how to communicate with it over the IP. Unfortunately, you'd have to pay $4 per month to enable that functionality.
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