Sony Hopeful For Profit

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    Sony Hopeful For Profit After Billion Dollar Losses
    Matthew Lentini | Friday | 14/01/2011


    Sony is looking to finally turn a profit on the back of its 3D TVs after global losses in the billions, much of this coming from its TV division.

    Head of Sony Corporation's TV division, Toshifumi Okuda, is banking on Sony being the first major global company to widely adopt Google's Internet television service, Google TV, to push up Sony's popularity and profitability.

    On top of this is an assumption that 3D TVs will make a bigger impact in 2011 with projected sales at around 2.5 million units – 10 percent of Okuda's goal 25 million TV sales for this financial year.

    "Sony's television business is striving to chalk up recovery in profitability as early as possible. Toward that end, 3D TVs are critical,'' said Okuda.

    Sony's Australian division reported a $201 million fall in sales through the last financial year, with profits dropping from $49 million in 2009 to a $9 million loss in 2010. TV manufacturers have had to globally drop prices in the midst of high levels of competition, and accordingly are seeing a drop in revenue.

    Sony unveiled prototypes of 3D OLED TVs without glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, though are not planning to release this in any consumer product in the foreseeable future. Glasses-free 3D is being developed as a next-generation technology by Sony.

    Sony's plan to push revenue up is relying on content rather than simply hardware, hence the Internet integration of its flagship products like its Internet TVs.

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