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    Items on the network...
    (1) - DLink wifi router
    (1) - WD 3TB NAS (wired via ethernet to router) (has Twonky Media Server)
    (1) - Sony GTV box

    Problem - When I am able to get the GTV box to 'see' the WD drive, the preview/sample area for movies and music is unable to show a preview window. It's probably a naming or file format issue just don't know how to resolve it.

    The Media Player App that comes with the Sony GTV is very good and I'd like to use it for my media needs but I'm unable to get something loaded in the preview/sample window. Here's my setup for each folder...

    - mainVideo.MP4
    - folder.jpg (this shows up in the folder image) - if not named folder.jpg will not show image in folder icon.
    - various other files and formats

    The problem here is that in folder view, there is a section on the right of the pane that shows a Preview (or what looks like it should be a preview). But when I go to the folder nothing is ever loaded in that pane. I'd like to know the file type and naming convention to get this to work.
    Hint = when I access the folder and I'm only displaying the contents within the Media Player App I see the Folder.JPG in the preview pane to the right...I'd expect something else would go here...or a jpg screenshot of the movie.

    Thanks for the help.

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