Sony GTV Box with WD NAS Connection Issues

Discussion in 'Sony Blu-Ray Set Top Box' started by casahome2000, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Items on the network...
    (1) - DLink wifi router
    (1) - WD 3TB NAS (wired via ethernet to router) (has Twonky Media Server)
    (1) - Sony GTV box

    Problem - Sometimes the GTV box is unable to locate the WD drive on the network with the Media Player App (or other similar app)

    About 80% of the time when I go to launch the Media Player app the Sony GTV does not add the WD NAS drive and only show "Internal Device" as able to be accessed. When this happens, every time I can get to the WD NAS drive via the IP from a Chrome window. Both the Access IP and the Twonky Media server are reachable via the IP address and port through the Chrome browser. I've gone through power cycles of both devices and don't really see a rhyme or reason to it. Being able to see the WD NAS drive that is on the network is important as my media is stored on this NAS.

    Any help on this would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

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