sony GTV blu-ray & Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240hdc

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    I know there have been general discussions about the Time Warner cable boxes, but I couldn't find anything relating to this particular box, so hopefully I am not being redundant.

    As the title mentions, I have Sony's GoogleTV blu-ray player and just got Time Warner cable with the 8240hdc hd-DVR.
    I ran into the audio pass-through problem initially but resolved that by using the optical audio on the googleTV, so no worries there.

    However, I setup the IR blaster with the box and it does work in terms of basic features (Guide, DVR, etc.) but the box uses a yellow "A", blue "B", red "C", and green "D" key as selection keys for a lot of menus but the colored keys on the googleTV remote don't work for those keys nor does just pressing the letter.

    I had Directv before (and wish I could still have it...) and it had a colored key deal as well, and the googleTV remote worked fine. Does anyone have any advice?

    I have looked on Sony's support site as well and came up empty.

    Finally, on a different but related note - Anyone know if the IR blaster for my googleTV box will work with the Polk Audio SurroundBar 6000? I haven't had any luck. I used the Polk instructions to get the volume up/down to work absent toggling the amp key, but I would like everything to work via toggling the amp key if possible.


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