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    Sony Google TV OTA update brings new settings – Eco, Manage IP remotes, and more

    by Tyler Cunningham on January 10, 2011

    We’ve received a few questions in our inbox regarding a Google TV update that has been going out for Sony Google TV users. The biggest question has been about the changes one should expect after the update, so we will do our best to piece together all the details for you. Continue after the break for a rundown of these new changes.​
    One of the biggest changes is the ability to control your TV via the IR blaster, which is great for those of you who have been unable to control your TV with the Sony remote. One reader wrote in saying that they now have the ability to control their Sharp LCD TV, although the decision had to be made whether or not to have the volume + and – on the remote control the TV or the AV box.​
    Another new setting is the Eco option under the Disc Player Settings, which allows you to select an option to automatically turn off the device after 2 hours of standby. This is great if you like to try and turn off your appliances to keep your energy bill down.​
    Another new feature seems to be the searchable items checklist seen above, which seems to list all of the applications that are searchable using the Sony Google TV device.​
    Also, we have the Manage IP remotes option which allows you to pair items to control the device remotely, such as the example shown above which demonstrates a Dell Streak paired with the device.​
    We will continue to dissect this update and bring you new information as it becomes available, but for now you can refer to the photo gallery below which was sent to us by a very kind reader. Stay tuned.


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