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Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Scuzzo, Dec 9, 2011.

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    ok, i was a skeptic on how much use would the new update be.. but after getting it all streamlined and set up just the way i want to display my tv guide.. im amazed at how good this thing works.. you dont have that awful cable tv guide any more, its super slick and gui.. you can see what is on in a flash and you dont have to surf through 499 different channels, you just snipe at what you want,, its pretty cool,, so the google tv/movies app while not perfect,, its lightyears better then the dos driven crap comcast uses for a tv guide..

    .. its a better interface...

    now with the vid problem with flash,, videobb and the like.. my work around is just use the firefox browser on your desktop.. or what ever.. download a program called.. videodownload.. i think that right.. and it will capture any vid that videobb or gorrillavid serve. then all you have to do is stream it via dlna to your google tv.. its not the most slick answer.. but it will pretty much take care of the timeouts imposed by videobb and those awful adverts that popup and bog down the machine.. perhaps.. once they get chrome to use exts.. there will be a ad blocker avail..
    or some other cool bit of sw tech will come along... but for now the download/dlna seems to be the best answer to the flash crashes and such...

    so,, while the new 3.1 is no where near perfect... it has some pretty cool features and its worth watching to see where the platform is headed..


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