SOLUTION FOR SONY BLU RAY, external hard drive Google TV, Cable TV, NSG-MR1!

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    Hi everyone I just wanted to share my set up in the hopes that some of you may find this useful. The purpose of this post to describe the integration of sony google TV with remote NSG-MR1, sony blu ray home theater BDV-E280 (5 speakers), and cable TV (samsung cable box SMT-C5010), and external hard drive.

    Its important to note that I live in South Korea where is it not possible to use google/sony remote with cable TV.

    A) How to get 5.1 sound for cable TV> I am VERY new to home theaters but I think this solution will help everyone obtain 2.1-5.1 DDigital through their sound systems. To start off I always had trouble toggling from TV speakers and external speakers when using cable TV and switching from a Blu ray dvd. I messed around with the AMP button but that never worked and always caused me issues (remember fn+AMP allows for more freedom). So I simply inserted my HDMI from my cable box into my blu ray set up! I simply go to the blu ray menu-> input -> HDMI 1. I still must use the cable TV remote to change channels but ALL my channels are at a minimum of 2.1 sound with many being 5.1 sound.
    B) How to use an external hard drive with sony blu ray. I recently purchased a 1TB WD hard drive from amazon.com(mypass port usb 3.0). When I first used it nothing worked on it. After reading the forums everyone recommended reformatting the HD to 32FATT. This worked like a charm! with a mac its super easy just go to Disk utility, erase disk, and reformat to 32fatt, I can play just about everything on the external on the blu ray or the google TV, including mkv or whatever its called. Plug into blue ray for 5.1 sound on EVERYTHING on your HD.

    Other TIPS

    C) Iphone users I recommend that you download the google TV application. Its ok but can be convenient when you are feeling lazy.
    D) sony blu ray home theater BDV-E280 (5 speakers) is a decent system but the speaker wires need to be longer for surround sound speakers, they are not replaceable.
    E) the blue ray home theater does not fit an ipod when its in its case. AND you will not have an option to shuffle through your music. only go through the preset list. But I have an iphone 4s and ipod nano (2nd gen) and both work well.

    Hope this post helps you. If you want to see more pics PM me

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