so, my available sound volume went down and my HD quality deteriorated.....

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by Greanhouse, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Did I do something wrong?

    STB cable with 1080P TV and Sony Dream System off the TV as sound processor.

    So, I've got my STB cable DVR box HDMI'd to my Logitech Revue and then the Revue is HDMI'd to my Samsung TV.

    Upon watching cable for the first time, I noticed my 1080P looked more like 780. I changed the settings on the Revue to 1080P and no change.

    Next, I noticed whereas before Revue comfortable listening volume out of the Sony Dream System was 19-20 on the dial.

    Now, I need 31-33 to hear the TV since installing the Revue and 33 happens to be max so forget about listening to music in the whole house like I could before.

    Any ideas, tips, thoughts?

    Is this part of the known issues with the Revue regarding the sound?


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