Smart TV at the center of global LCD TV market

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    Smart TV at the center of global LCD TV market in 2011

    Siu Han, Taipei; Yvonne Yu, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 12 January 2011] [​IMG]

    Smart TV will be the focus of the global LCD TV market in 2011 as Samsung Electronics plans to add smart TV functions to all of its 40-inch and larger models, while LG Electronics is eyeing the leading position with smart TVs.

    Sony took the leading place by launching the first LCD TV adopting the Google TV system in 2010.

    Market sources noted that in the 210-million-unit global LCD TV market in 2010, about 21% had Internet connections, and the share is expected to reach over 50% by 2014. Due to the surging demand, TV vendors are not only competing to see whose products have Internet connections, but also to see whose products are smarter through built-in processors and software with advanced user interfaces, fast content search and connections with other mobile devices. Moreover, vendors are also likely to develop towards LCD TVs with DLNA interfaces, which will allow TVs to display video from PCs or smartphones.

    Samsung noted that the company aims to sell 45 million TVs in 2011, up 12% on year, of which smart TV sales are expected to reach 10 million units. Samsung is more optimistic about the smart TV market in the US and expects the market to reach 20 million units in 2012.

    In addition to existing USB and DLNA functions, LG is adding a new Media Link function to its LCD TVs, which will allow users to access content on PCs, as well as transfer and display the content on the TV. LG expects to ship 40 million TVs in 2011.

    Despite its leading position in launching Google TV in the second half of 2010, US channel providers have boycotted Google TV and sales at the end of 2010 were worse than expected. In 2011, Sony will focus on Internet-connected and 3D TVs, and will emphasize integrating Internet and TV broadcasts into one system.


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