shockwave crash: "under the Hood" settings?

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by pagoo, Jul 29, 2012.

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    I've talked to Canada about text and font sizes & asked about what is that memory account thing at he top of the setting we seee when we press "menu" upon startup and was told to go to advanced settings, them to 2nd choice of "under the Hood" where I fixed my page end txt sizes. While there, I saw to to of thepage a link to something about account or memory allowances.? Man said it fave allowable memory to certain progrms we use BUT TO READ EVERYTHING FIRST BEFORE TOUCHING OR CHANGING ANYTHING!

    While there I saw the words "Adobe" and shockwave, but was too scared an old bat to mess with it. BUT if someone were brave enough they (ahem, Google) might go into that area, they might find the
    answer to our "space" needed to make shockwave work for all of us - for streaming and other tinier stuff.

    Now, if this old bat is wrong, pardonnez moi.

    Keep me posted, okay?
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    The following is the recommended procedure posted by a Logitech support agent in the Logitech Revue forum. I haven't really found it to make much difference - but some people say they notice some improvement:

    "1. Open the Google Chrome.
    2. Click the Options key (located on the keyboard between Alt and Ctrl keys).
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select Advanced settings.
    5. Select Under the Hood (located on the left side menu).
    6. Click on Adobe Flash Player storage settings...
    7. Select Global Storage Settings panel.
    8. On the box that opened (at the center of the screen) you should see a bar. You need to scroll the arrow to the right until it says Unlimited.
    9. Now select Website Storage Settings panel
    10. Now scroll the arrow to the right until it says Unlimited.
    11. Click on Delete all sites and then Confirm.
    12. Press and hold on your keyboard Alt+Ctrl+DEL until your Revue reboots."

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