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    I have the ES File Explorer and DropBox applications installed on my Revue. (I'm not quite clear on when or how I should use them actually.) A little while ago, I downloaded the PrinterShare Mobile application. I was planning on checking out my local prices on a Google Cloud Ready printer in a few days and as it turned out, the Printer Share app only works free if you have a GCR printer. When I buy the GCR printer, I'll check out the Cloud Print app to see if it's better.

    After I installed PrinterShare, I just happened to navigate to the DropBox app and it had a PDF describing DropBox. I've spent the list two hours on GoogleTVForum searching for a free PDF reader. I've got some leads, but I haven't downloaded a reader yet. So I was surprised when I clicked the PDF, and was asked if I wanted to download the PDF to an SD card. I figured I needed to buy such a card on Amazon and then plug it into a USB outlet on the Revue. So I was doubly-surprised when the four-page PDF was visible. I tried enlarging the page, as the print wasn't that large, but was unable to. It was then that I read PrinterShare's FAQ and realized I could print a PDF with this app!!! (But not for free, unless I bought a GCR printer, which is probably not going to be less than $100.)

    I navigated to ES File Reader to look for this mysterious SD card. And there it was! But I have no idea what it is or what to do with it. Is it a large file and should I delete it regularly?
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    Google TV has an internal SD card. It's the built-in storage for the Revue.

    From within the ES File Explorer app - go to "downloads". There you will see what is currently stored on the Revue internal SD card. If you don't want those downloads that are listed - then you will clear up some internal storage space by deleting them.

    If you long-press on the downloaded file (from within ES File Explorer) - you will get a menu with the option to delete. If you click "details" - then you can see how much space that file/app is taking up.

    See post number 4 in the following thread for Galfert's excellent explanation of the memory & storage capacity of the Revue:


    The Revue has 4GB of Nand Flash storage and 1GB of RAM.
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