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    "Do you want Google Chrome to save your password?" is a prompt that I get on the bottom of my screen on a number of websites, including googletvforum . org*.

    There are some websites where I don't get that prompt.

    Is there a setting where I can enter a URL, username and password to enable automatic log-ins when I don't get the "Do you want Google Chrome to save your password?" prompt?

    *Actually, googletv forum . org DOESN'T automatically fill in the username/password fields when I click SAVE below the "Do you want Google Chrome to save your password?" prompt! Other websites do.
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    Many forums, probably most forums I visit have an option as part of the features to remain logged in, saving a cookie with your browser to enable the site to remember you. Chrome does prompt me at some sites to save the password, again I think that has something to do with how the specific site is designed. I have noticed that sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't when the option is shown. I just check the option to keep my credentials saved with this forum and ignore the Chrome browser save password option.
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    Many sites use java script for log in protocols. These sites do not play well w/auto-logins. The cookies just don't last beyond a few internet sessions. But you can extend the periods of auto-logins by going to the sites and logging on & off a few times. I've never had to log in to this site unless I've logged in via another device or browser.

    An example:

    The My MSN page will log you off constantly. Simply log in, then log off. Make sure to check the keep me logged in box. In IE or Chrome you will be logged in automatically for a longer period of time. Also check to make sure that your e-mail address appears after entering the first letter. If not, log out a few times until the e-mail address is prompted by using the down arrow while in the text area.



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