Samsung TV Power Defect Could Affect Millions Of Sets

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    Samsung TV power defect could affect millions of sets | TV and Home Theater - CNET Reviews (click for full article)

    "A couple of weeks ago a colleague at CNET walked into my office and told me his TV had died.

    It was a Samsung LCD from 2008, and according to my colleague--let's call him "Bill" since he said he'd rather not be identified in this story--a quick Google search revealed hundreds of other Samsung TV owners with the same problem. Here's the 2010 story Bill found that "started the whole thing" for him.

    Bill told me the TV simply wouldn't turn on despite repeated presses of the power button. The red power indicator would flash on and off, accompanied by a clicking sound. At first a picture would eventually appear after ten minutes or so, but after a week or two the TV wouldn't not turn on at all, although it did continue to click.

    Online stories and forum posts mentioned a bum capacitor that wasn't properly suited to the job. Bill even found YouTube videos like this one of intrepid users replacing their capacitors--a $5 part--and fixing the problem."


    "Well, I think there'll be as many as seven-and-a-half million of them out there. So it could be a big class." [class action lawsuit]
    --Samsung attorney Phillip G. Whaley
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    Did this fix for my BIL, and have a neighborhood friend who'd like me to do the same for his. Really cheap fix, and not too hard if you can do a bit of soldering. Took longer to figure out what capacitors to order then to swap them out.

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