Samsung serves up five million Internet TV apps

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    Samsung serves up five million Internet TV apps

    20,000 a day downloaded

    Stewart Meagher 23 May, 2011


    If you thought the whole Internet TV thing was dead in the water, figures released by Samsung might make you thinq again.

    Despite reports of poor sales of Internet-connected TV sets - and with even Google no longer shouting loudly about its own less-than-popular online telly service - the Korean electronics giant has been quietly plugging away at its own app store, designed specifically for use with its own 'smart televisions'.

    Back in January, Samsung discreetly announced that it had passed the milestone of a million apps downloaded, 268 days after the service was launched. The second million were clocked up just 53 days later, and the company has been providing 20,000 downloads a day ever since in order to reach today's five million mark.
    As you might expect, YouTube tops the chart of the most downloaded apps, with Google Maps, Accuweather, Vimeo and a Texas Hold 'Em poker game making up the top five among more than 550 available offerings.

    Games were the most popular category of downloads at 24 per cent, closely followed by educational apps at 20 per cent.


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