Samsung First to Launch YouTube 3D

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    Samsung First to Launch YouTube™ 3D content for Smart TV at IFA 2011


    Samsung Smart TV Zone to exclusively exhibit newly updated YouTube on TV
    application featuring YouTube 3D content for Samsung booth attendees at IFA 2011

    Berlin, Germany – September 1, 2011 – Today at IFA 2011 (Booth No. 101) Samsung
    Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies,
    announced it will partner with YouTube™ to be the first to exhibit the YouTube 3D content within
    the re-vamped YouTube on TV application for Smart TVs from the Samsung booth's "Samsung
    Smart TV Zone." YouTube 3D content, brought to you exclusively at IFA by Samsung's Smart
    TV platform, provides users with an entertaining, intuitive, social and visual home entertainment
    experience like never before.

    The 3D device industry has long lacked a source for content until now-with this new YouTube
    on TV app, anyone can view 3D content on a Smart TV. Consumers will now be able to enjoy
    thousands of 3D videos,-allowing friends and family to more realistically share and enjoy each
    other's life moments via YouTube and Samsung Smart TV. YouTube uses standards-compliant
    video formats to enable the sharing of 3D content with 720p HD video quality across an array
    of devices, including Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, mobile phones and gaming

    "Samsung is glad to be a partner in bringing YouTube 3D experiences to TV space for the
    first time in the world at IFA 2011," said Kyungsik Kevin Lee, vice president of Visual Display
    Business, Samsung Electronics. "Samsung Smart TV is an ideal platform for YouTube to
    convey the beautifully visual user interface and 3D experience that consumers will now have
    at their fingertips for watching and sharing of 3D content worldwide-this partnership will
    contribute to the continued growth of both the 3D and Smart TV industries."

    Using an updated, intuitive user interface specifically optimized for large screen devices and
    Smart TVs, YouTube on TV has simplified login and search screen functionality-allowing
    consumers to more easily browse, view, save and rate their favorite content. The service now
    includes a "personalized profile" which provides users with tailored recommendations based on
    their individual interests and previous search terms. The YouTube on TV service for Smart TV
    provides consumers with an expanded home entertainment experience-one that is completely
    customizable, interactive, immersive and can be enjoyed from the comfort of the home.

    "The launch of YouTube on TV underscores one of YouTube's core missions: to make high
    quality video available anywhere and on any device," said Francisco Varela, YouTube's Global

    Head of Platform Partnerships. "In addition to our efforts in web and mobile, 3D videos on
    YouTube can now also be and shared and enjoyed through high-quality/large-screen enabled
    Smart TVs."

    As a continuous market leader, Samsung Smart TV provides the perfect mix of rich content, rich
    experiences, and convenience to consumers. Much more than just a connected TV, Samsung
    Smart TV creates an entirely new way to view television through Smart Hub, Smart Design,
    and Smart 3D functionality. This is further matched by intuitive user experiences and content
    driven by apps and services made specifically for the TV. Bringing these intelligent features
    together, Samsung Smart TV serves as the entertainment hub of the home by connecting to not
    just the Internet, but a variety of other home network devices. Much like user-created content
    helped in the growth of the smartphone market, YouTube's 3D content for Smart TV service is
    a testament to the already thriving Smart TV industry. Attendees of IFA 2011 can experience
    Samsung Smart TV hands-on at Booth No.101 in Samsung's Smart TV Zone.

    The new YouTube on TV app with 3D will be available on 2011 Samsung Smart TV and BD
    Player globally in the 2nd half of 2011.

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    The YouTube 3D section doesn't currently work with Google TV. It will only will work with certain browsers. I had read that YouTube is working on making the 3D on YouTube available with the Chrome browser. In the meantime Vimeo has two very nice 3D channels that work good with Google TV.
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    Great, now I gotta find some of those old red and blue anaglyph glasses. I guess that I can buy some, if I can't find my old pair. Why couldn't they use the polarized technology like from Real3D? I have a whole bunch of those. :(

    (lol, I had originally this posted in the wrong thread...)

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