Roku Seeks Funding For International Expansion

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    Roku seeks funding for international expansion | Reuters (click for full article)

    "(Reuters) - U.S. start-up Roku is gearing up for a major funding round as it seeks to export to other countries the success of its mini-set-top boxes that stream Internet video to televisions, founder and Chief Executive Anthony Wood told Reuters on Wednesday.

    Roku, which competes with Apple TV, has already sold 2.5 million of its palm-sized boxes in the United States, persuading some to ditch cable subscriptions in favor of a $60 box as more and more quality content is available online.

    At the start of this year, Roku launched in Britain and Ireland, following partner Netflix into a market dominated by BSkyB where it will jostle for consumers' attention with a host of alternative offerings.

    Google, TV makers Sony and Samsung and games console makers Microsoft and Nintendo are among those striving to become the vehicle of choice to transport Internet video to the TV screen."
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