Roku Cooks up Another New Channel

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    Roku Cooks up Another New Channel

    01 Nov 2011


    Roku hopes to help you out with your Holiday cooking with the latest addition to their channel lineup, iFood.tv. If you’re not familiar with the popular site, iFood.tv, they are a major destination for cooking-related streaming video online. Now they’re bringing instructional, educational, and entertainment cooking shows to Roku.

    “iFood.tv is a great addition to the Roku platform. The vast collection of recipe videos and the ability to view cooking instruction on the TV screen make it easy and fun to prepare new dishes.” – Jim Funk, VP of business development at Roku

    iFood.tv will pull selected content from their library of over 40,000 videos on a rotational basis to keep the channel fresh. Also included on iFood.tv for Roku are seasonal and niche cooking videos. The seasonal content sounds like a nice touch, iFood.tv will automatically rotate in recipes relevant to the coming Holiday so you don’t have to go digging for recipes.

    The best part about this new cooking channel on Roku is that it’s absolutely free. It’s also available right now in the Roku channel store. This is definitely a good one for the cook in your house (or possibly for the one who burns everything), and maybe even a reason to buy a new LCD TV and Roku for the kitchen!


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