Rid myself of an Analog TV n stepped into the Digital World with a Sony NSX-32GT TV!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by kjthelen, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Hi Google TV Forum members...

    I finally got rid of my Samsung High Definition Analog Tube TV
    a Monster of a set and stepped into the digital age of Internet TV and love it!

    I just installed and an awesome and cheap alternative with 1080P quality.

    As I recently installed a Sony NSX-32GT1 Google TV and I am amazed at awesome crispness of the picture.

    Let me tell you a litttle bit about my current setup and configuration,
    as this project has consumed alot of my time since the Thanksgiving Holiday...

    But it was well worth it when I purchaed this new Sony TV from Nebraska Furniture Mart for only $388.00 bucks!

    This Google TV is more than I immagined it would be...

    Here is my current configuration so far!

    Audio and Video Equipment

    Sony NSX-32GT1 32" Google TV
    Sony NSG-MR1 Wireless Remote
    Harmon/Kardon AVR146 Audio Video Reciever
    With a NILES HDL-4 High Definition In Home Theater Surround Sound throughout
    SIRIUS S-50 Sattelite Radio Docking Bay with portable S-50 Sattelite Radio
    LG BD640 Wireless Network Blue Ray Disc Player
    DYNEX DX-VS201A 4 by 1 S-Video Switcher
    JVC Hi-Fi VHS HR-A53U Casset Player
    X-Box 360 Game Console with wireless handheld controls and remote
    Nintendo Wii Game Console with wireless handheld controls

    Cables and Connectivity Items
    Qty 2 6' DYNEX HDMI High Speed Cables with Ethernet Option
    Qty 1 6' DYNEX DX-AD128 Digtal Optical Cable
    Qty 3 6' DYNEX S-VIDEO IO Cables
    Qty 1 x 2 6' SONY IR Blaster Cable
    Qty 1 LG Wireless USB Adapter
    Qty 1 Verbatim 4 GB Removable USB Memory Stick

    Broad Band Service and Equipment

    Cox Cable subscription with basic DTV package only
    With Optinal Broad Band Internet Upgrade Included
    Motorola S85101 Surf Board High Speed Cable Modem
    CISCO/LINK SYS E3000 Wireless Router
    Dell Dimensions 3000 Pentium PC 4 CPU Computer
    With 3.00 GHz Processors and 1 GHz of RAM
    Running Windows XP Professional

    Glad to be abord!


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    Welcome to the forum!

    That's a lot of Best Buy cables, just in case you kept your receipt. Bluejeanscable.com sells inexpensive yet high quality cables. You may consider returning the others and ordering them online.

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